Short biography

Giving you a feeling with a house beat

London-born producer, NYYCHO, first hit the house scene in August 2020, with a distinctly
warm sound, combined with captivating vocals that instantly make you want to move.

For NYYCHO, music is a feeling and house is one feeling he has a distinctly unique take on.
NYYCHO creates the feeling of summer through his sound, with a welcoming warmth,
transporting you to summer sunshine vibes, no matter when or where you listen to it.

Music has been NYYCHO’s world from as far back as he can remember. Immersed in multiple
genres, with everything from church choir singing to R&B and UK garage in the mix, it’s meant
NYYCHO both appreciates and incorporates elements of many genres in his creative work.
Playing instruments by ear, singing, MCing and beatboxing from the age of 11, led to
experimenting with DJing. Producing was the natural next step in NYYCHO’s music journey and
all of these experiences have contributed to the way he approaches production today.

NYYCHO has huge appreciation for producer, DJ and remixer, MK’s versatility and ability to
create warm, feel-good, high-vibe energy in his music. Similarly, NYYCHO connects with the
soulful, groovy feeling in Kerri Chandler’s music. NYYCHO taps into the feeling created in
hearing these sounds, using it to help him shape his own sound.





NYYCHO’s great love of producing gives him an energising way of expressing the sounds
embedded within his soul in musical form. His first track is due to be released in April 2021,
featuring his sister as the lead vocal. Several future releases are planned for this year, including
a number of new mixes. The popularity of NYYCHO’s first mix, ‘Summer Vibes’ was well-recieved, with his rapidly growing fan base eager to hear more.



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