Short biography

Born in Bristol and lived with parents until age 15. Became a parent at an early age so had to learn how to be responsible. It was hard having to learn to live alone as I come from a big family. I have 4 brothers and 1 sister and while growing up we were really close.

Started Beat boxing while still at school. I would beat box anywhere I go and on anything that made a sound. From the age of 16 I became interested in sound engineering and music production. So I met someone who was running a music production workshop in Barton Hill and I became part of the project.

After this I became an independent Sound engineer and Music Producer and Artist at the age of 17.



My aim is to help the Youths of today to realise that there is more to life than violence. I help them with their music and give them also the confidence and reassurance that there is a better life out there. I explain that they have to change their perception on life and produce positive lyrics if they want to go far in the music business. There is too much violence around and they don’t need to be involved in it.

I am currently working with the youth at SCENTCIC UK. The Youth here are eager and willing to learn. I am also showing them through my lyrics that you can be real without the violence.


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