Short biography

Fizzy Montana was born on Boxing Day ’95 in the North of London, where he was grown mainly by his Mum. At his early teenage years, he was easily caught up in the aspects of the street culture. Sadly, not long had passed before he was detained in Ashfield Young People Institution.

Being away, he focused on writing down feelings, emotions and lyrics to later discover his true passion, rap music. Verse after verse, bar after bar, his passion and hunger for music has developed into a lifestyle, getting what’s best out of him.

‘I never used to split bars before. I started in jail.’ Much of his feelings and true experiences are expressed though his lyrical content.



Fizzy has been out of prison for some years but sharpens his talent as well as working with a charity (Second Chance Entertainment) using his previous life struggles to help those going through what he once did proving to them another way out.

After working with Universal Music UK, artists like Angel & After creating a bit of noise with his featured Link-UP TV song About Time. His debut single Fly Away is due for release this summer.


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